LaluceNatz 48W Multicolors LED Beam 6LEDs Black Light Glow

Why We Recommend It -

The LaluceNatz 48W Multicolors LED Beam is a great DJ light for the price. It has thousands of color beams in different shapes and 6 Black light LEDs to give you that glow on the dance floor. The strobe effect works great and the light comes with a IR remote and DMX capability. This light is great for the mobile DJ and could work in the clubs as well. Check out the video below to see it in action!

  • 30W LED DJ stage lights that includes basic on RGB with rotating derby effect, thousands of 9 colors beams of different shapes and sizes.

  • 18W 6LEDs Black Lights Bulbs - ideal for bedroom uv poster body paints and fluorescent, glow in the dark party

  • LED strobe effect great for small mobile dj events and permanent applications such as club, bar, restaurant and retail locations. Control the strobe rate from slow to fast by IR remote and DMX.

  • Multi-Effects - Create pure lighting excitement for any events with 9 Colors LED Beam 6LEDs Black Light Bulbs and Strobe Effects.